Smart memory Technology started the business in 2017 with a minimum scale and today We are a pure distribution company with multi branded such as Solid-state drive, Hard Drives, External Hard Drive, Ram, pen drives, memory cards and we do direct import of Note Book PC’s, Gaming laptops and portable devices and moreover we are focusing in Cooperate sales.

We do focus on backup tapes and back up tape drives. Distributing, Marketing & promoting in Sri Lanka with a combination of expert team
under the umbrella of large IT giant in Sri Lanka.We are We -established wholesaler in the industry and having a firm foot step in the market with profuse financial capabilities. Our core strategy and well-focused on regional markets geared with know-how of imports and overall logistics, channel development hand-on experience in developing retail channel markets. The team Proven and track record of last year of distribution specialized in regional business with array of loyal partners with sound business rapport & adding strength of strong financial firm will emerge to get the maximum synergy to promote the businessin every corner of Sri Lanka.


To be the leading distribution coinpany for computer components in Sri Lanka by keeping our values and goals towards par-triers.This way by maintaining we insure to remain the best.


To create a unique information technology distribution company and to deliver the highest-level service to our customer at all times-,striving to be their partner as we are the growing efficient company inthis industry, superior products and services, which adhere to internationally recognized quality standa rds.
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